Justin Tierney

Justin TierneyJUSTIN TIERNEY’S music was declared “superb, robust, and grand” by the Boston Globe who avowed that “Tierney’s dark-hued music had polished, ominous richness… and sound-worlds that were cogent and immediate.” A recent performance of The God’s Script was described as [one of] “two of the most compelling operas also draw on illustrious literary sources: … it sheathes in fierce, gorgeously orchestrated music a dramatization of Jorge Luis Borges’s La Escritura del Dios.”

WEBSITE: www.justintierney.com

LISTEN: NYSA for Orchestra
Zephyrus Project Orchestra, Led by Paolo Bortolameolli, as part of the RITENOW PROJECT, 8 Composers combined selections of music (tableau-like) into one giant piece for massive orchestra in celebration of the Centennial of “THE RITE OF SPRING.”


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