Laura Mello

Laura MelloLaura Mello studied Media Studies and Musical Composition in Brazil, Austria and Germany. Living since 2006 in Berlin, she works as a composer, performer, dj and translator. Her work comprises contemporary instrumental and electronic music, as well as installations and performances. She regards language and gesture as musical materials, and is interested in the relationships among “actors” in compositions involving more than one medium.


LISTEN: Kafkeywordeska for ensemble and 4 channels electronic
Recorded at Konzerthaus Berlin
From Kafkaskop – 5 Musiktheater-Miniaturen nach Franz Kafkas Brief an den Vater
Susanne Fröhlich – Recorders
Petteri Pitko – Cembalo
Matthias Engler – Percussion
Seth Josel – Electric Guitar
Claudia van Hasselt – Mezzo soprano
Jakob Spindler – Actor
Recording: Oliver Peters
Mixing: Wolfgang Musil

Click here for more info on the piece.

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