Léo Collin

leo-collinLéo Collin is a french composer and performer. His work field is in between instrumental, electronics, videos, light, including and emphasising the choreographic aspects of the performance.  So far, he has the privilege to be performed by Ensemble Intercontemporain, Soundinitiative, Multilatérale, the Avanti ensemble ,Ensemble Batida, les Métaboles, Musicatreize and Polymnia.  Léo is a grant holder of foundation Barbour, Geneva.

WEBSITE:  youtube.com/user/MrLeovioletto

LISTEN:  Der Seismograph
Ensemble Intercontemporain 

Recipe to built a seismograph

#Ingredients# (5-6 min of music)
for 5 persons + sampler
– ascendant and descendant lines (sawtooth)
– exponential crescendi
– horizontal and vertical lines. (switch on/off)
– reference pitches : do/sol
– a long siren
– A sentence about volcan, if possible poetic.

My suggestion : Avec entêtement je poursuivais mon forage vers le noyau de feu que je croyais sentir, comme un volcan, sous le rocher de son silence. from Verwirrung der Gefühle (1927) Stefan Zweig
This piece sounds like an eruption report, done by an imaginary seismograph. Enjoy!
Preparation : first part (before the eruption)
Pre-warning : second part (the eruption)
Pause : third part (transmission of the eruption to the security siren)
Cooking : fourth part (suite of the eruption, volcanic bombs)
Leave to cool : coda (end of the eruption, problem of communication )

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