Lucas Grant

Lucas GrantLucas Grant (b. 1993) is a composer/performer whose artistic output explores an interconnectedness of mediums. Working as a composer, vocalist, poet, performance artist, and instrumentalist, they frequently work collaboratively with other artists, forming imaginative and proactive new works, focused on this intersection of arts. Born in North Carolina , they now reside in Michigan where they attend the University of Michigan, currently studying under the guidance of Evan Chambers. Lucas has had works featured at the University of Michigan 53rd Conference on Organ Music, the Midwest Composer’s Symposium, and many other festivals and exhibitions throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. Lucas’ personal pronouns are they/them/their.


LISTEN: Drones for Winter – concerto for organ and string orchestra
Paul Giessner, organ; Bram Morales, Julie Takeda, Allie Taylor, Marco Bertuccelli, Daniel Sotille, Carolina Heredia, violins; Katlyn Hoag, Amy Tan, Erin Napier, violas; Kayla Mathes, Zan Berry, Maddie Endres, cellos; Tommy Hawthorne, George Barnhouse, basses

Drones for Winter

coal refineries
throwing water out the window
black coffee
mufflers on a highway
dusting snow in the wind
exhaust of a city skyline at morning
the Mississippi at Dusk
indoor pools
burning old love letters
the burgundy scarf your friend crocheted for you
thin clouds
the humidifier attacking the common cold
street cleaners at night
the phrase “blowing smoke up your ass”
wine and a bath
dust in sunbeams
waking up to a lover singing, getting dressed
orange Cats
morning sex
placing my hand under my lover’s shirt when we’d lie together
the way we were before this.


Please if you could turn the fire off when you leave, you would make me happy. Dinner is at seven and I will be proposing to you so wear the suit with the navy, the forest green, and the burgundy that I love you in, and I’ll wear my red pants, the shirt you kept me from throwing out, and our small infinities together. It’s cold out, so don’t forget your heavy coat (like you always do). If all goes well, we will have a baby named James in two years time.

read this section twice through
in a quiet whisper as if your lover
was an inch from your face.


We were rich with diamonds
in our hands
until they melted through
the cracks of
our fingers and water droplets
now soaking
into our skin returning to
our body
as those droplets
were once
our fallen tears in a past
Evaporated into the
and were enveloped by the
and became the
and our tears were the
Frozen by the heat of
and then like tiny undamned
cast out from the
onto the ground in this
tree top city
where it sat among the other
diamonds in the snow
that we then picked up and let
melt in our hands.

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