Micah Clark

Micah ClarkMicah Clark is a composer and cellist currently working in the Chicago area. He has written and collaborated with Frame Dance Productions, the Allegri String Quartet, pianist Coady Green, soprano Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz, Palisander Recorder Quartet, flutist Elizabeth Hance of the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble, and the North American Araucanian Royalist Society. He received a Bachelor of Music in Composition at Wheaton College (magna cum laude) and a Masters of Music in Composition at Goldsmiths, University of London (with merit). Alongside music, he enjoys books, poetry, and film, freely integrating their influence into his work.

WEBSITE: micahclarkmusic.com

LISTEN: do androids pray for electric sleep? for cello, electric guitar, and soundtrack
micah clark, cello; michael plueger, electric guitar

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