Murat Ömür Tuncer

Murat Ömür TuncerMurat Ömür Tuncer (1992) started his music education by taking solfege classes when he was 5 years old. He got his primary music education in Turkish Music discipline. He has attended Primary School at Mersin University State Conservatory and High School at Akdeniz University State Conservatory. His academic education consists of classes such as contrabass, piano, solfege, theory, harmony, knowledge of form, instrument maintenance, music terminology, orchestra and choir. Besides his academic education, he has received his basic composing education from İlyas Mirzayev. He continues to your music education at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts with Tolga Yayalar.


LISTEN: NO Exit for ensemble (from J.P.Sartre)
GooDFellaS Ensemble

NO Exit – Theater Music (from J.P.Sartre)

GoodFellas Ensemble
Cem Önertürk (alto flute) Tolga Yüksel (clarinet) Ozan Evruk (basson) Cem Güngör (trombone) Ali Can Öztan (percussions) Hazal Evruk (piano) Eda Delikçi – Özge Erdem (violins) Eren Tuncer (viola) Damla Çaylı (violoncello) Burak Noyan (double bass) Murat Ömür Tuncer (composer & conductor)

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