Nathan Felix

Nathan FelixNathan Felix is a self-taught, Mexican-American, composer for film and orchestra. He began as the composer for 13-piece indie-orchestra, The Noise Revival Orchestra. His music has been featured on the BBC, MTV, PBS, NFL, NPR and various other national and international publications. On May 14th, Felix will release a recording of his second symphony, Neon Heaven. Neon Heaven is a choral symphony sung in Latin and featuring Convergence. Thus far his symphonies have been performed in the USA, Denmark, Portugal, Bulgaria and Mongolia. In 2016, Felix was featured on PBS for work on his 6-Piano project in which he restored six pianos for a concert featuring two new pieces. After the concert, Felix donated the pianos to schools in lower income neighborhoods in Austin.


LISTEN: Neon Heaven for Choral Symphony
Texas Choral Consort & Convergence

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