Nick Vasallo

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Award-winning composer, teacher, vocalist and guitarist, Nick Vasallo is “a composer on a mission and one possessed of a distinctive voice” – Michael Quinn, 2012 (The Classical Review). His music exhibits “strokes of genius that blend the density of heavy metal with the harmonics of gamelan, the polyrhythms of taiko, and atonality.” – François Couture, 2012 (Monsieur Délire), and is “caught between past and present, East and West, it is music of urgent, often raw-edged immediacy eager to communicate, to connect, and to comment.”  An Artistic Director for Composers, Inc., Vasallo teaches college-level courses in music theory, orchestration, music history, music literature, songwriting and electronic music in addition to his work as a composer and performing artist. He currently composes, does lead vocals and plays bass for the modern extreme metal band Oblivion.  You can purchase Vasallo’s critically-acclaimed album “Monuments Emerge” from Innova Recordings.


LISTEN: Oblivion
The Ariose Singers and Oblivion

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