Nick Vasallo

Nick VasalloAward-winning composer, teacher, vocalist and guitarist, Nick Vasallo is “a composer on a mission and one possessed of a distinctive voice” – Michael Quinn, 2012 (The Classical Review). His music exhibits “strokes of genius that blend the density of heavy metal with the harmonics of gamelan, the polyrhythms of taiko, and atonality” – François Couture, 2012 (Monsieur Délire). “…creating new sonic alloys never heard before. Vasallo’s work is a fresh music that may help usher in a new audience for classical music.” – Daniel L. Muñoz, 2014 (I Care If You Listen) An Assistant Professor at Cal Poly Pomona and Artistic Director for Composers, Inc., Vasallo teaches college-level courses in music theory, composition, form & analysis, counterpoint, music industry, and songwriting in addition to his work as a composer and performing artist. He currently composes, does lead vocals and plays bass for the modern extreme metal band Oblivion. His music is published by Santa Barbara Music Publishers and released by Innova Recordings and Unique Leader.


LISTEN: Ozymandias for electric guitar, percussion, and string quartet
Travis Andrews – guitar
Andrew Meyerson – percussion

Otis Harriel, Kevin Rogers – violins
Taija Warbelow – viola
Doug Machiz – cello

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