Reena Esmail

Reena EsmailReena Esmail “creates richly melodic lines that imbue her music with the heights of lyricism balanced by winning textural clarity.” (AAAL) A graduate of Juilliard and Yale School of Music, and a recent Fulbright scholar to India, Esmail’s work draws elements from both western and Hindustani (North Indian) classical music. Esmail’s works have received honors from The American Academy of Arts and Letters and ASCAP.


LISTEN: Jhula Jhule (झूला झूले)
Alissa Cheung, Violin; Paul Kerekes, piano


  1. Sakari D.

    Such a charming piece! This is a great example how to take a few ideas and develop them well rather than cram numerous ideas into one piece. I love the pitch material as well as the way in which the glissando in the opening gesture becomes such an integral part of the melodic line as opposed to a special effect.