Richard Drehoff Jr.

richard-drehoff-jrRichard Drehoff Jr. (b. 1991) is a composer and performer based in Baltimore, MD. His works span a variety of instrumentations and styles, often featuring the use of live and/or fixed electronic elements. Richard frequently performs as a conductor and as a solo and collaborative pianist across the state, championing late-twentieth/twenty-first century works and interdisciplinary pieces. Richard holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is beginning a master’s degree in composition at the Peabody Conservatory this fall.


LISTEN:  Here for unspecified instrument and live-electronics
Richard Drehoff Jr., accordion and electronics

“Here” is loosely based on the Robert Creeley poem of the same title, from his 1967 collection of poems, Words. The piece is a guided improvisation for any instrument and electronics; in this recording, I used an accordion, a Behringer FCB-1010 midi controller, Ableton Live, and Max/MSP, to create the soundscape demanded by the poem.


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