Tarek Nasr

Tarek NasrTarek Nasr is a classical and new age composer and pianist. His music works combine the oriental music nature with classical forms and technics. Many piano recitals in Vienna with his own compositions and classical works of other composers. Two CDs are published: Piano Works Album I and Blue Earth.

WEBSITE: youtube.com/user/tarekmusic

LISTEN: Intro and Nine Variations for Piano on a Theme by Mohamed Abd Al-Wahab
Tarek Nas, piano


  1. Ibrahim M. Ali

    Combining the oriental music nature with classical forms and technics is like creating a new civilized language, through which a strong bond can be established between people from different cultures. The world needs that badly right now. We owe you a lot, Tarek Nasr

  2. Anas Yehia

    Great work integrated knowledge of intricate harmony combined with intense feelings and fluent familiarity and skills on the piano making this master piece a symbolic bridge between classical and traditional cultures .

  3. Adel

    الله يا مايسترو المقدمة غير عادية
    البيانو رهييييييييييييييييييييييب ……رهييييييب ….ربنا يحميك يارب ابتسامة الحنين للوطن …معبرة وصادقة جداً

  4. wafaa Ahmed

    Sie können stolz auf sich sein, so etwas fabelhaftes kombinieren zu können. Es gibt heutzutage selten Musiker, die noch mit so viel Gefühl spielen können. Man fühlt regelrecht die Gefühswechsel zwischen den Abschnitten und es wird nicht langweilig je länger man es hört. Hut ab!

  5. Sameh Moneim

    A very matured vision and distinct performance with a wonderful output makes you a great accomplished Pianist.

  6. Nisreen Rushdy

    طبعا رائع كالعادة وفكرة التنويعات على اللحن الاساسى ساعد فى ثراء اللحن واناملك الذهبية ما شاء الله ربنا يحفظك ومنتظرين المزيد.

  7. حنان

    رائع جدا جدا جدا مشاء الله عليك أبدعت يافنان

  8. Nizar Ismael, FRCM, Dip.RCM

    Tarek Nasr is a musical phenomenon. His mastery of music and great ability to translate and transform traditional Egyptian and Arabic musical themes from their original locality into a world of limitless boundaries with amazing skill on the Piano is second to none. He is not just a great musician, composer and pianist but also a great philosopher that leaves a lot to be read between the lines.

  9. Wael Kader

    Wonderful melody with a great arrangement .. Graceful variations with Melody primary… Congratulations to these outstanding talent .

  10. Wael Kader

    موهبه رائعه نفتخر بها … أعطاها الله لك … ننتظر منك المزيد والكثير فأنت أفضل من كتبت للبيانو في تاريخ موسيقانا العربيه ..

  11. mohamed abdel ghany el sayed

    هذا الفنان المصري شرف لكل المصريين لانه حقق المعادله الصعبه والتي يحلم بها كل فنان لوطنه وهي ان يأخذ فن وطنه الي العالميه ليتذوقه كل انسان باللغه التي يفهمها الجميع …
    الفنان طارق نصر هو نبع للفن لا ينضب ابدا وله دائما مفاجئات فنيه يصعب توقعها و هذا ما يجعل فنه يسعد القلب والعقل والروح

  12. Ayman Naguib

    First of all, I believe it would be much better to define the word “ uniqueness” (which is ‘forming the only one of its kind’) in order to express my feelings about Tarek’s compositions and arrangements. It is worth noting that I used “feelings” as I’m not a musical composer, though; I haven’t heard something like that before. As an Egyptian who knows well the original songs/music, I can tell how hard to introduce such oriental old music (recorded over 80 years ago) to piano, in addition; put it in classical forms, not even that; you make it magical and modern. All respect, Tarek Nasr, I’m so proud of you!

  13. Mohammed Sultan

    Like a sailing ship, Tarek’s musical works and adaptations flows smoothly and harmoniously across the musical horizon, from past to present and into the future. Tarek Nasr, many thanks to you.

  14. abdulaziz shabakouh

    this is so lovely enthralling music
    mr. Tarek nasr you’re an inspirational musician to me ..
    much love and respect to you <3