The Response Project

The Response ProjectThe Response Project is a commissioning initiative lead by pianist Brianna Matzke that asks composers to write for the piano (plus other instruments) in response to a pre-existing work or idea. In Phase One of the project, called The Stockhausen Response Project (2014), five composers wrote in response to Stockhausen’s Mikrophonie I for solo piano or piano+electronics. Phase Two, called ON BEHALF, will create seven works for violin and piano writing in response to the phrase ON BEHALF, which was taken from a viral video interview between late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert and rapper/political activist Killer Mike. Presented in collaboration with violinist Hajnal Pivnick, ON BEHALF will premiere in New York City and Cincinnati in March of 2017. To contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for ON BEHALF, click on the link below.–2/x/6070215#/

You can also visit for more information.

ON BEHALF Composers:
Alexandra du Bois
D.J. Sparr
Dorian Wallace
Molly Joyce
Andy Costello
Nate May
Will Ayers

The Stockhausen Response Project Composers:
Paul Schuette (featured here)
Molly Joyce
Danny Clay
Dylan Sheridan
Ty Niemeyer


LISTEN: Puzzle Pieces for Piano+Electronics
Brianna Matzke, piano

Puzzle Pieces was composed by Paul Schuette as part of The Stockhausen Response Project. This piece responds to Stockhausen’s concept of “moment form” as well as his groundbreaking approach to electronic and electroacoustic music.

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