William Nicolaou

William NicolaouWilliam Nicolaou is currently completing his masters in Music composition at the University of Western Ontario under Omar Daniel and holds a bachelor’s degree in composition from Wilfrid Laurier University. In previous years he studied with Peter Paul Koprowski and during his undergraduate degree, studied composition with Linda Catlin Smith and Peter Hatch while studying trumpet with virtuoso Guy Few. During his experiences playing in chamber ensembles, wind, jazz and symphony orchestras he has developed a unique compositional language which encompasses minimalism, romantic, modern and post-modern styles. His works combine elements of traditional and experimental writing stemming from Greek, western, and new music influences. Coming from a Greek background, he incorporates complex rhythmic meters from traditional Greek music to many of his compositions and has expanded his interests into Celtic folk music. Many of his works have characteristic melodic contours which stem from both folk and film music.               

WEBSITE:  williamnicolaou.com

LISTEN: Recitative and Allegro for 5 octave Marimba and Bb Trumpet/Flugelhorn

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