October Mixtape: New Music for Ensemble and Electronics

Alejandro T. AciertoAlejandro T. Acierto
though these things they linger, leftover, the fleeting remains
For amplified contra/bass/Bb clarinets, turntable, and electronics

Jose BeviaJosé Beviá
Cenizas y Fuego for Harp, Percussion, and Electronics
Arielle, Harp; June Hahn, Percussion; José Beviá, Computer Programming

Nat EvansNat Evans
In a Shifting Landscape for viola, cello, percussion, electronics, and field recordings
Heather Bentley, viola; Rowena Hammill, cello; Nat Evans, Percussion

Matthew FrederickMatthew Frederick
Prism Goggles for electric violin/viola and electronics
Megan Shung, violin; Sean Lyons, viola
Composed, produced, engineered, and mixed by Matthew Frederick
Mastered by Alex Seaver; Album artwork by Vanesa Jeric

Nicolas JacquotNicolas Jacquot
Twice An End for flute, guitar & live-computer
Anne Nardin, flute; Nicolas Jacquot, guitar

Brian MarkBrian Mark
A Eulogy to Words for chamber orchestra, tape, and electronics
Royal Academy of Music Performers; Michael Alexander Young, Conductor
Narration: Virginia Woolf, from BBC radio broadcast (“Craftmanship”), 29 April 1937

Robert McClure
The Gate for string quartet and computer
Derek Powell and Meghan Nenniger, violins; Andrew Griffin, viola; Brian Yoon, cello

Jorge García del Valle Méndez (1)Jorge García del Valle Méndez
road, river and rail for clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, piano and electronics (7.1) (2010)
counter)induction, NY

Julien VincenotJulien Vincenot
Esprits-Animaux for violin, cello and live computer
Ensemble de Musique Interactive; Szuhwa Wu, violin; Rachel Gleize, cello

Ryan WalshRyan Walsh
Quartet in E for String Quartet and Electronics (Movement 1)