August Murphy-King

August Murphy-KingThe music of Toronto-based composer August Murphy-King blends the expressive energy of popular music with the technical and structural complexities of more traditional concert music. His work has been performed by the Thin Edge New Music Collective, the Madawaska String Quartet, the TorQ Percussion Ensemble, the Toy Piano Composers Ensemble, and the Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal. August completed a bachelor’s of music at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University, and a master’s of music from the University of Toronto. He continues to study at the University of Toronto, having been awarded a fellowship to pursue doctoral studies with Gary Kulesha.


LISTEN: Three Places in Hogtown: i) Corktown, ii) The Don, iii) Union
The Toy Piano Composers Ensemble
Katherine Watson, flute
Anthony Thompson, clarinet
Sharon Lee, Violin
Adam Scime, double bass
Wesley Shen, piano
Adam Campbell, percussion