Hagai Yodan

Hagai YodanA native of Israel, 1985, Hagai Yodan is a multi-disciplinary artist: musician, stylist and writer. As a musician, he is an accomplished pianist and vocal coach, a conductor, tenor and composer. He has appeared at the “Beverly Hills International Music Festival”, the “Center for Chamber Music” at the Tel Aviv Conservatory, the Symphonic and Chamber Music series of the Israel Symphony Orchestra, “The Tel-Aviv Chamber Music Society”, “The Israeli Music Festival” and more. His pieces and arrangements have been performed in various venues, among them at the “International Spring Festival Rishon-LeZion”. Playing Israeli music has always been a major part of Hagai Yodan’s career and he has performed premieres for Israeli composers, such as: Tzvi Avni, Josef Bardanashvili, Sharon Farber, Gilad Hochman, Stella Lerner, Sarah Feigin and many more. He has established his own classical music label – HYM: “Hagai Yodan Music”, which has released two albums to date; and, has taken part in the Grammy nominated album “Forever to Remember”.

WEBSITE: soundcloud.com/hagai-yodan

LISTEN: Alterman Songs for soprano and piano
Sharon Rostorf-Zamir, soprano
1. Kipa Aduma – כיפה אדומה
2. Baderech Hagdola – בדרך הגדולה
3. Od Chozer Hanigun – עוד חוזר הניגון
Lyrics: Natan Alterman