Ray Evanoff

Ray EvanoffRay Evanoff (b. 1984) is an American composer whose work explores succinctness, obfuscation, contradiction, the interplay between consonance and dissonance, and ways a body of work may be interconnected. He draws heavy inspiration from closely collaborating with performers, and has worked with contemporary music specialists such as Ensemble Apparat, Ensemble Dal Niente, Distractfold Ensemble, Ensemble Pamplemousse, Ensemble SurPlus, Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, Liam Hockley, Seth Josel, Mabel Kwan, Kevin McFarland, Xenia Pestova, and Samuel Stoll, among others, in concerts throughout the world. He is the founder, director, and editor of FOCI Arts, a contemporary arts organization and online periodical. He studied at the College of Charleston, where he received his BA in Music Theory and Composition in 2006, and the University of Huddersfield, where he received his MMus in Music Composition in 2009 and his PhD in 2012. He lives in New Orleans.

WEBSITE: rayevanoff.com

LISTEN: Postscript for soprano, piccolo (+bass flute), and guitar
Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, soprano; Shanna Gutierrez, piccolo (+bass flute); Jesse Langen, guitar